Hello people, how is 2018 treating you all? Greattt? (tell me all about it) Well as it’s the time when most of the resolutions and bucket lists are made here is mine in which I have included all the places or things I would wanna do in INDIA because I am a person who feels... Continue Reading →

Hey there loves, how ya doinn?? Enjoin this chilly weather ? or are you struggling your way out of that blanket? huhhh? Well, as I was reading this article on different ways to kill time during vacations, the second most acceptable thing for me after watching a tv series (and by series I mean watching... Continue Reading →

Dear Sonali, I know your life is taking a turn right now, new field, new college, new friends, new environment and what not? and specially when you come from a college like ours, everything seems so out of the blue box, people appear as if they are alien to us, but trust me everything will... Continue Reading →

Hie guys, long time no? Today's post is a very serious topic (at least for me) and very close to my heart, so I'll jump straight to the topic and not bore you with my introduction and excuses. So about a week ago I went for a dinner with my brother, as usual the waiter... Continue Reading →

"As always she was returning from office in her white fortuner , music was relaxing her nerves and making her forget that tiredsome,long ass day and as she was about to reach her boyfriend's place to celebrate their 8th love anniversary she saw two guys across the street but little could she make out what... Continue Reading →

Hello pretty people.. today's post is very close to my heart and if by this post my message reaches to even one person? My purpose is accomplished.  How many of us are satisfied with our lives right now? Are we happy? Or are we dealing with failures? Unemployment? Harassment? Maybe heartbreaks? Some of us wanted... Continue Reading →

Hiee guyz ... how y'all doing?  Do you remember me though? 😅  It's been so so long since I wrote and to be honest I really missed it but all these exams and assignments and what not have occupied me. So I was going through nykaa's website as shopping is the only refreshment I want... Continue Reading →

Hey loves,  As October is all about festive fever, all I crave for is sweets, gifts, dresses and lights all around. This is the only month I wait for the whole year and I can't tell how excited and happy I already am for this Diwali.  So I have to leave for Delhi early morning... Continue Reading →

Writing this post while I'm waiting for my white sauce pasta. ☹️ This weekend I had no special plans (almost like every weekend of mine) but then I came to know that my best friend is in Jaipur with his friends. 😂(complicated much?) I was all excited to meet him and show him around this... Continue Reading →

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